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Claim Information

To Report Claim to Seacoast Insurance
Insured is responsible for reporting all property claims to Seacoast Insurance or directly to their insurance carrier.
If you complete a Property Loss Notice to the best of your ability and submit to Seacoast Insurance for processing we will submit to the appropriate insurance carrier.
To avoid delay in processing, include complete Policy Number, Date of Loss, Covered Cause of Loss and a Brief Summary of Loss.

To Report Claim Directly to Company
 American Strategic Ins.

(P) 866-274-5677
AmWINS- Evanston/Markel

(P) 800-362-7535

AmWINS- Lloyds
AmWINS- Vault

(P) 844-388-5677

AmWINS- Voyager

(P) 800-243-4416

Assurant/American Bankers 

(P) 800-423-4403 option 3

Cabrillo Coastal

(P) 866-482-5246


(P) 866-215-7574


Hartford Flood

(P) 800-759-8656

 Homeowners of America

(P) 866-407-9896

Johnson & Johnson

(P) 800-487-7565 ext. 5024


(P) 877-852-0606

 Main Street America

(P) 877-425-2467


(P) 866-370-6505 ext. 606

Encova (Phenix Mutual)

(P) 800-876-8766


(P) 800-776-4737


(P) 888-813-7873


(P) 800-332-3226


(P) 800-481-0661

SC Wind & Hail

Seacoast Brokers

(P) 404-751-4400

St. Johns Insurance

(P) 877-748-2059

Southern Cross Underwriters


The Flood Insurance Agency

(P) 877-298-0847 - Lloyd's - policy # begins with number (#)

(P) 800-785-2604 - Lexington - policy # begins with letter


(P) 800-252-4633

Wright Flood

(P) 800-725-9472

Text: "claim" to 727-777-7066

Claims Status
Once a claim has been assigned, an adjuster should contact you within 24-72 hours after they have been assigned to the claim. Any questions regarding the claim, contact Seacoast Insurance at 843-681-4340 or e-mail your questions to

Local Vendors & Contractors

Tree Removal Services:
Allcare Tree Surgery, Inc. - 843-757-8050
ArborNature Tree Service - 843-681-2726
Barlett Tree Experts - 843-473-4115
Bob's Tree Service - 843-540-4471
Jones Brothers - 843-842-4686
Leonard Mink Tree Service - 843-422-7224

Roofing Contractors:
MH Construction - 843-298-6453  (Hilton Head Island Only)
Pana Roofing, LLC - 843-682-2440
Premier Roofing - 843-757-7744
RainTight Roofing - 843-683-0199

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